100 Days of Happy

I started a new job today,

Like a real grown up, “I’m a big kid now” kind of job.

I wasn’t terrified like I usually am when I start new things or jump out of my comport zone, but I sure as hell was nervous.

My brand spanking new job is at the Vineyard Gazette Media Group in Martha’s Vineyard. My original title was Account Trainee, which meant I’d be doing Ad Sales for all of their publications, Vineyard Gazette, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard Guide Book, Prosseco on the Patio, etc..

Now we’ve decided I’m a sales assistant. And Thank God for that, because I’ve never advertised or sold anything in my life. Even my parents sold majority of my Girl Scout cookies. It’s a shame. I know.

I did get an A in my Advertising class in college though. I actually really liked that class (Shout-out to Prof. Jarmon. 730 a.m sucked but I actually payed attention in your class AND enjoyed it.)

What I liked about that class was the perspective it gave me of Ads and insight to all the different sectors of Advertising. Never had I ever thought I’d end up in the Sales division.

What’s next Production and Graphic Design?!?!?! (I got a C- in that class so I’m doubting those apples, but at this point you never know.)

Sales is scary. A new job is scary. But a car ride and two buses later, I talked myself out of my nerves and got to work.

I arrived before most people which is good, but when my Boss showed up, she brought ME flowers!!!


Isn’t that the nicest?!?!?

They were from her garden and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to start my day.

Everyone I’d met was really friendly and open and seemed to care. I know it might not last, but for a nervous girl on her first day, it was kind of perfect and very much needed.

I was grateful.

I was happy.

Ear to ear and grin.

That is why, as of now, in a new town, new apartment, and new job, I’m starting my “100 days of happy

Everyday for the next 100 days, I will find something that makes me happy.

It doesn’t have to be big. It’ doesn’t have to be physical.

I just know, that with my history, being on my own, for the first time in my life and going through a major transition, I’m destined to shut myself off and curl up in a ball. But  I can’t do that this time. I don’t want to.

I want to be happy.

So I’m capturing my happy. Thank you social media.

(P.S. I stole “100 days of happy” from @imjesskenney on Instagram. Check her out! Thanks for the inspiration chica!).

So who wants to join me? Maybe you only need 7 days of happy. Maybe you want to try 365 days of happy. Whatever works for you.

What made you happy today?


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