Hello Summer!
As glad as I am to have some warm weather and be on an official countdown to my birthday, summer IS hard. Mostly because I’m a TV-aholic and all my shows have wrapped. Lucky, the USA Network has saved me; Graceland is everything I could have asked for and more.


Daniel Sunjata. HOT. Aaron Tveit. Such a cutie. Then there’s Brandon McLaren from The Best Years and She’s the Man who I pretty much have a crush on. Minus the eye candy, the plot line itself definitely has me hooked. FBI, DEA and Customs agents are all living their lives in an amazing beach house in Cali. Surf, sun and gun fights? Yes please! And did I mention this was based off true events? #EvenBetter

The newbie Mike shows up fresh out of FBI graduation and kicks ass. He did a reverse drug bust, went undercover, saved lives and did dishes, all on his first day! The pilot ended with a call from the director of the FBI telling Mike he’s actually been sent to Graceland to investigate Briggs. Briggs is not only his roommate, training agent and idol, but he just inadvertently saved his life.

It’s a mess already and I love it. Crime shows are my fav so I pumped to see where this one ends up. Especially with a tag line like

“Your lies are your life.”

Catch Graceland Thursdays, at 10pm on USA.

What summer shows are you watching?

P.S  I’m also watching Mistresses on ABC, Pretty Little Liars (my guilty pleasure) on ABC Family and TrueBlood on HBO is back! #Finally


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