What just happened?

I graduated today.

Today I graduated from college.

I am a St. John’s University college graduate.

I have an Alma Mater and I’m an alumnus.

What just happen?

I have no idea where the past four years went, but they were just concluded on the Great Lawn of the St. John’s University Queens campus.

That campus has been my home for the past four years and those people have become my family. I can honestly say The Class of 2013, STJ, and (my love) New York City itself, has made me a better person.

Would I do things differently? Yes. But I can’t and that’s fine. I’m super grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the friends I made a long way. These people and these experiences have opened my eyes to the person I want to be. And I think (fingers crossed) I’m on the right path. Even with no job opportunities YET! I’m nervous excited to turn the page of this chapter in my life and see where this journey takes me.

I hated STJ some days but I’m really going to miss that place. It rained during my graduation so thats means no pictures and no nostalgic moments so I’m going to say my goodbyes now:

Bye monties.
Bye The Strip.
Bye free food and fee tees.
Bye Trads & Parsons & Iguanas & MacFaddens.
Bye drunken stumbles into Gate 6 ( Actress Face).
Bye cheesy room decorations.
Bye closet mirrors.
Bye free laundry ( This might hurt the most).
Bye dorm life.

Thanks for the memories.
I’ll miss you.



This is the first Tuesday in a while I won’t be going to my internship at Fingerprint Communications. Although I didn’t really learn what I expected to, I did learn that fashion PR’s not what I want to do with my life. I met great people and have developed great connections so regardless, I’m super thankful for the opportunity. In memory of my internship I thought I might share with you a couple of pics from the events I worked.

1st I helped out at a Press Preview for Chinese Laundry in their NYC showroom. They were showcasing their 2013 Spring and Summer lines and giving a sneak peak of their fall collection. There were manicures, s’mores and the whole thing was hosted by Kristen Cavillari of Laguna Beach & The Hills’. She designs a line for Chinese Laundry and even though I’m not really a shoe obsessed kind of girl, her shoes really are something. They have everything from pumps to sandals and rain-boots to flats.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

There were all kind of bloggers and columnists there from MusicChoice to MTV Style. Needless to say, I had a blast, met a bunch of new people and learned a ton. Check out their whole collection at www.chineselaundry.com!


The 2nd event I worked was a launch party for Sportiqe‘s Sports Haven collection with ESPN at Bloomingdale’s. There were appearances by ESPN College Game Day’s Samantha Ponder, boxer The Kid Chocolate, and a performance by 2AM Club (who i am now really into). Inline image 1

I had to wear a Sportiqe shirt for the event and I can honestly say it is perfection. Its more than just a tee. It’s soft and comfy, fashionable and allows me to rep my team! If you haven’t tried out Sportiqe apparel yet, do it! Do it now. If you regret it, you can give the shirt to me ūüôā

Check out their great styles at http://www.sportiqeboutiqe.com

Summer Blockbusters

I just finished reading The Great Gatsby, for the the first time! I know, I know why didn’t I read it in High School? Well, it was never assigned and I wasn’t really big on reading the classics for fun back then. So that brings us to now.

I’m a big believer in reading the books before you see the movies. (Ex: Harry Potter, Twilight¬†saga, The Hunger Games¬†series, Perks of Being a Wallflower etc.) That’s why I decided to read up on Gatsby because who can pass on an¬†opportunity¬†to see Leo on the Big Screen ūüėČ But speaking of ¬†the big screen, it’s almost summer time (Thank God) and that means Summer Blockbusters! Here’s my Top 10!

Iron Man 3 came out yesterday and it’s already blown up the box offices overseas so I practically jumpin’ out of my skin to see it.ImageImage

Fast and Furious 6 Now I know someone should have cut them off after #2 because #3 was awful, and I don’t even remember #4 but after #5 I’m really excited to #6. What can say? I like fast cars, hott guys and things blowing up. & a ton of people must like the same things otherwise we wouldn’t be on number 6.

ImageHonestly, I didn’t love the first Hangover. It was insanely funny yes. But I think by time I saw it, it was hyped up wayyy too much. No bueno. The second one, was again funny, but it just seemed¬†like¬†they were trying too hard. So as the¬†trilogy¬†comes to end, I’m still really excited to see the last¬†installment because¬†I’m a college girl, and I’ve lived “the hangover” at least once or twice.


What’s not to be excited about when it comes to Now You See Me?¬†There’s magic, theft, Vegas, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman and the guy from The Social Network doing something besides The Social Network (and he kind of looks like a badass doing it).

ImageThe Purge looks scary. But it in realistic way. I was never a fan for the gory, chopped up bodies, sort-of-thing. It seems cheap and its not scary just¬†disgusting. I like to be scared. I want¬†to be scared. So bring on the happy families that get to do whatever they want one night of the year. We all have that one person we’d get “even” with in the worst way possible, if it was legal. Don’t we?

ImageIf you’re not¬†obsessed¬†with Emma Watson shame on you! I’m so freaking proud of her for not just being Hermione Granger (although Hermione would’ve never dropped out of Brown.) The Bling Ring just¬†seems so out of character for her, so I’m excited to see her really act and be a party girl/hollywood train wreck.¬†Bonus! The girl from the first season of AHS is in this.Image

I will jump at any¬†opportunity¬†I get to be a kid again and¬†Monsters University¬†is my¬†chance¬†this summer. It will be much needed after¬†graduating¬†college and having to be a real adult. Now I just have to find a kid to take with me so I don’t look like a complete creep.ImageReal Life Question: Why does Hugh Jackman look better as The Wolverine then he does in real life? Whatever the reason, as I birthday present to myself, I will watch him kick ass in his wolf-like badass ways. Plus this can hold me over until the new EPIC X-Men movie where practically EVERYONE (Halle, Anna Paquin, Shawn Ashmore, Magneto, Professor X, Jennifer¬†Lawrence etc)¬†is back. Please tell me you’re as excited as I am?


Denzel, Denzel, Denzel.<3 Do I need to say more? Oh! Mark Wahlberg! That is all.ImageAnd last but not least¬†The Great Gatsby. I’m a sucker for Leo¬†DiCaprio.¬† Always have been, always will be. The 20s seemed epic and it’s not just your typical love story. I’m a girl who loves her happy endings but stories that don’t end the way you think they will are my fav. SPOILER: Seriously, when Daisy “accidentally” killed her husbands mistress while in the car with her lover and then the mistress’ husband killed Gatsby I was literally shocked.¬†Image

So that’s my list. I’m a baby move buff if you haven’t picked up on that yet. I’m a firm believe that if you can’t get to a beach there’s no better way to escape the summer heat then hitting up a movie¬†theater.

What movies are you dying to see this summer?